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Do I get a free router / modem / connection?

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Created: 10/2/2007
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Do I get a free router / modem / connection?

We do not provide "Free" connections / modems / routers. Unfortunately none of these things are free and other ISPs offer them as an enticement to signing a 12/18/24 month contract and secure your business.

To keep costs low, we do not, and as such we are able to offer a one month contract with no cancellation fees, a large data allowance and great prices.

If you have an existing router or modem from a UK ADSL service then this should be perfectly adequate for CCS Broadband. You will need to edit your existing settings and add your new user name and password to your existing equipment.

Generic details can be found here > HERE < and manuals for common routers and modems can be found > HERE <

We do however recommend a particular online retailer where you can purchase new equipment if required.

This retailer is called DSL Depot and their website is

For the absolute budget conscious, we recommend the Thompson SpeedTouch USB Modem > HERE < It is only £3 including the VAT and will support a single PC with a spare USB port. Please bear in mind it is not supplied with any Microfilters and you will require at least one. You can purchase them from DSL Depot > HERE < when you are ordering your modem. For more information on a Microfilter, what it is and why you need one, check out our FAQ > HERE

For a wired router, we recommend the NetGear DM602 > HERE < It is less than £9 including VAT and supports either USB or CAT-5 connection to a single PC. A Microfilter is included in the price!

For a wireless router, we recommend the NetGear DG834G > HERE < It is under £20 including the VAT and has four CAT-5 ports and 54Meg "G" wireless built in. A Microfilter is included too.

We have loaded all the common Modem and Router Manuals onto our website for your convenience and assistance. These include copies of the instructions for all the products mentioned. The manuals can be found > HERE

We are quite happy to pre-configure and test either of the routers for you as we have them in stock in the warehouse, but in this case there will be an additional £10 inc VAT configuration and shipping fee. If you require this service, please either call or contact us via our Contact Form > HERE



For details of the options available for  Broadband click here

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