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Modem and Router Manuals

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Created: 10/2/2007
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Modem and Router Manuals

For you convenience, we have uploaded the common Router and Modem manuals to our website to save you hunting the manufacturers sites when you setup!

If you do not already have it installed, you made need Adobe Acrobat, which you can download for free > HERE

2Wire 2070 Installation Guide
2Wire 2700 Installation Guide
2Wire 2701 Installation Guide
2Wire User Guide (All Models)
Belkin F5D7230 V1
Belkin F5D7230 V2
Belkin F5D7630 V4
Belkin F5D7630 V6
Belkin F5D7630 V7
Belkin F5D7231 V1
Belkin F5D7231 V2
Belkin F5D7231 4P
Belkin F5D7235
Belkin F5D7630
Belkin F5D7632
Belkin F5D7633
Belkin F5D8230
Belkin F5D8231
Belkin F5D8233ea4 V1
Belkin F5D8630
Belkin F5D9230
Belkin F5D9630
BT Voyager - All Models
Buffalo WBMR-G54
Buffalo Airstation WHR-G54S
Buffalo Airstation WHR-G54
Buffalo Nfiniti Airstation WZR-G300N
D-Link DSL-2740B
D-Link DSL-320T
D-Link DSL-524T
D-Link DSL-G604T
D-Link DSL-G624M
D-Link DSL-G624T
D-Link DSL-G804V
Draytek Vigor 2600 series
Draytek Vigor 2700 series
Draytek Vigor 2800 series
Draytek Vigor 2900 series
Edimax AR-7064+
Edimax AR-7064g+
Edimax AR-7064Mg+
Edimax AR-7084A
Edimax AR-7084gA
Linksys ADSL2MUE
Linksys AG241 v1
Linksys AG241 v2
Linksys AG310
Linksys WAG200G
Linksys WAG300N
Linksys WAG325N
Linksys WAG354G v1
Linksys WAG354G v2
Linksys WAG54G v1
Linksys WAG54G v3
Linksys WAG54GP2 v1
Linksys WAG54GP2 v2
Linksys WAG54GS
Linksys WAG54GX2
Netgear DG834 v1
Netgear DG834 v2
Netgear DG834 v3
Netgear DG834G v1
Netgear DG834G v2
Netgear DG834G v3
Netgear DG834GT
Netgear DG834N
Netgear DG834PN
Netgear DM111P
Netgear DM602
Sitecom ADSL USB Modem DC-206
Sitecom ADSL2+ Router DC-223/224/225/226
Sitecom ADSL2+ Router WL-154/155/174/175/536
Sitecom Cable Router DC-202 V1
Sitecom Cable Router DC-202 V2
Sitecom Cable Router DC-202 V4
Sitecom Cable Router DC-202 V5
Sitecom Cable Router DC-202 V6
Sitecom ADSL Router WL-522/523
Speedtouch USB 330    98/ME/W2k/XP USB Driver    XP 64 Bit USB Driver    Vista USB Driver
Speedtouch 510 v5
Speedtouch 510 v6
Speedtouch 516 v6
Speedtouch 536 v5
Speedtouch 536 v6
Speedtouch 546 v5
Speedtouch 546 v6
Speedtouch 576
Speedtouch 580
Speedtouch 585 v5
Speedtouch 585 v6
Speedtouch 716 v5 WL
Speedtouch 780WL
TP-Link TD-W8910G
TP-Link TD-W8920G
Voyager - All Models
Westell ProLine 6000 series
Westell ProLine Ethernet 6300, Proline Combo 6300/01, LiteLine Ethernet 6200 and LiteLine Combo 6201
Zoom ADSL PCI Modem 5506
Zoom ADSL X3 Model 5560
Zoom ADSL X3 Model 5560A
Zoom ADSL X3 Model 5660 5660F
Zoom ADSL X4 Model 5551
Zoom ADSL X4 Model 5551A
Zoom ADSL X4 Model 5651 5651F
Zoom ADSL X5 Model 5554
Zoom ADSL X5 Model 5524A 5554A
Zoom ADSL X5 Model 5654 5654F
Zoom ADSL X5 Voice Model 5565 5565F
Zoom ADSL X6 Model 5590 5590AF 5590BF
Zoom ADSL X6 Model 5590CF



For details of the options available for  Broadband click here

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