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I want to quickly backup my entire site before a change, can you help?

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Created: 9/28/2007
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I want to quickly backup my entire site before a change, can you help?

Yes!. We provide a facility via your control panel to quickly zip up your entire website to another folder on the disk array which is ideal if you are about to make mass changes and want a backup copy. This file is stored at the root of your FTP site, above your WwwRoot folder in a folder called Backups.

To initiate a backup, log into your Helm Control Panel and

Click into My Domains > Domain > Website Backup

From here you can initiate a complete or selective site backup by entering a file name to .zip to and selecting the path you wish to backup. Please do not backup your weblogs in this manner as they are captured to disk every night in any case.

The process may take anything from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on your site size, so please be patient. You can see the backup file from an FTP client (in the Backups directory, above WwwRoot) or via the File Explorer in the Helm Control Panel. You may also FTP a copy off of the server for your own peace of mind if you wish.

You can also recover from this backup once complete if necessary in the same way.

Once you have finished with this snapshot, we would appreciate you deleting it to conserve disk space, but this is not necessary immediately and if you need to maintain it for a week or two while working on the site, please feel free.

Further details on our long term backup procedure can be found HERE



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