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Is my Website / Email / Database backed up?

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Created: 9/28/2007
Modified: 10/30/2007
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Is my Website / Email / Database backed up?

Of course it is. We replicate a snapshot to a disk based backup system once a day. This includes all your website content, databases, email, log files and everything else on every server.

We do this for both disaster recovery purposes and also to allow for accidental deletions on your part. Please be aware it is your responsibility to backup your own data and while we will recover it for you, in the interests of keeping costs down, expect you to do so unless you are otherwise unable.

Emails can only be recovered en-mass (i.e.a named user and a minimum of a day) unless you are utilising our hosted Exchange platform when single email recovery is possible.

Likewise databases are backed up on a snapshot basis and only entire databases can be recovered unless special arrangements have been made in advance. If you need granular backups of your databases or email, please contact us in advance to discuss the requirements and there may be a small additional charge for this functionality and configuration.

We maintain a minimum of three months of point in time snapshots and can recover the entire server or any part of it (with the notable exclusions on none pre-arranged granular email and database backups mentioned above) to any date within this period. We currently carry more than three months' backups, but as the data to be backed up grows, our backup systems will auto-truncate older snapshots until we maintain just three months.



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