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.UK Domain needs a UK Based Host

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Author: Support @ CCS
Created: 11/15/2007
Modified: 11/15/2007
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.UK Domain needs a UK Based Host


On many occasions I have found people posting on forums asking ‘what affect does having my UK domain hosted in the US have on my search engine traffic?’ On most of the occasions, I have given people a list of SEO articles, including some by Mat Cutts. In my opinion, a UK domain should always be hosted in the UK, it is more precise and you will always get a good traffic ranking in UK search engines, it will also help you target your UK audience in a better way.


Looking into this further, it is my personal view that Google wants to list sites that are of different interests to people in their target country, so it’s better to prioritize results on, as well as other local search engines that would be able to accurately determine the ‘local search’ listing.


If you have a UK domain which is not hosted in the UK, I highly suggest that you find a UK host for your domain as soon as you can; it is from my own personal experience that after doing this I had better results in local search listings, as well gaining a better sales conversion.


However, it is most important that you get a stable and reliable UK hosting company that ensure a robust level of support and maintenance on the server, backed by quality guarantees and so on; their network & infrastructure is tuned with latest technology & infrastructure with fast and effective service & support. You need to be able to retain your peace of mind as well as your time and efforts by avoiding changing from host to host in pursuit of a better deal.


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