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Website Content

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Created: 11/15/2007
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Website Content


Website content is the most important aspect of a website design, even more important than the graphics of the website. Most of the website developers concentrate their efforts on the graphical presentation, giving low attention to the content of the website. This results in low visitors, as visitors may be impressed by the graphics, but lack of proper information will wane their interest.

The basic objective of a website is to deliver some information to the customer or user, & this can be done effectively with precise content. A good content not attracts customer, but compels him to visit site again. It is the content which brings users to site through search engines like yahoo, google, etc. Search Engine optimization done on content also increases the visitors on the site.

Following care must be taken while writing content

1. No spelling mistakes: Use spell check while writing content, two-three mistakes on a page may ruin your reputation.

2. Fresh Content: Keep adding fresh content as possible, so that search engines will notice your site more often.

3. Paragraph: Don’t write mass text without any space, make a paragraph of 3-4 lines, so that visitor can read better, one paragraph may lose his interest.

Focus more on content. A good content can work wonders for a website


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