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What is ADSL Modem Error 680?

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Author: Support @ CCS
Created: 11/15/2007
Modified: 11/15/2007
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What is ADSL Modem Error 680?

You will typically get this error if you are using a ADSL USB Modem and your BB (BroadBand Signal) does not reach your premises. To confirm this, the ADSL light on the modem will be flashing or completely off.

The necessary steps that you need to perform before you call the Tech Support:

1) Reinstall the Modem.

2) Swap the filters.

3) Check that you are not using a extension cable. It’s advisable to use a RJ11 Cable, however it should not be more than 10m long.

4) Also try and remove the ADSL cable from the modem and then plug it back in again.

5) Also try and connect to the main BT socket, as the connection is the strongest there.

6) If nothing works, call tech support and ask them to perform a woosh test or line test, and let the tech support agent know all the troubleshooting that you have performed.


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