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What is a MAC code?

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Created: 10/2/2007
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What is a MAC code?

A MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) is a long alphanumeric code that enables you to transfer between two broadband providers without any downtime. To transfer to us, you need to get a MAC code from your current provider, and likewise, to transfer to another provider from us you will need to request a MAC code from us. MAC codes are always free of charge.


Since the 14th February 2007, Ofcom issued a new set of rules that make support for the Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) that facilitates migrations on DSL platforms compulsory.

Below is an extract from the new compulsory General Condition 22 from OFCOM. The full statement on migrations can be read on the Ofcom website.

  • Broadband Service Providers must supply a MAC on request within 5 working days
  • Providers must accept a MAC where a customer provides a valid one. This does not prevent a provider from refusing to supply a service to a customer for other business reasons (e.g. credit worthiness, etc.)
  • The provider is not allowed to charge for issuing a Migration Authorisation Code
  • Compulsory issuing of a MAC only applies to connections for consumers or small businesses (with less than 10 employees)
  • The provider cannot withhold a MAC for the purposes of debt collection, or for contractual reasons
  • Where a customer requests a MAC inside their minimum contract period the customer will still be liable for any contractual obligations (e.g. charges for any minimum contract periods, etc.)
  • If a MAC cannot be issued, the provider will explain why
  • Providers should offer the customer reasonable assistance in migrating from/to another provider
  • Wholesale providers must issue a MAC to their resellers (not end users) and cannot withhold it even if there are contractual disputes
  • The provider must not disconnect a customers service if a MAC is requested
  • The retail broadband provider must provide two different ways to obtain a MAC (e.g. by phone, by post, by website form)
  • When a MAC is issued the provider will also provide its expiry date
  • A provider must re-issue a MAC on subsequent requests if the previous MAC has expired

You may find this useful if your current provider is refusing to issue a MAC code at all or in a timely manner.



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