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What does peak/off-peak usage mean?

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Created: 10/2/2007
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What does peak/off-peak usage mean?

Peak and off-peak usage is the amount of data you are allowed to download in any one month. Peak is 8am to 10pm for Home products and 8am to 8pm for Office products whereas Off-peak is 10pm to 8am for Home and 8pm to 8am for Office. All weekend is classed as Off-peak too.

The usage allowance limit specified on the product pages is the total amount of bandwidth you use and includes both downloaded and uploaded data.

If you go over your allocated monthly limit we will not cap, throttle or disconnect your connection. Instead, there is a small £5+vat admin fee plus the difference up to the next package you use up to. This will appear on your next bill.

You can easily track how much bandwidth you are using on our website, via the Login Page then choosing Residential or Business Broadband, or by signing up to e-mail reports.

Also note that if you are likely to keep exceeding your monthly limit you may wish to upgrade to the next package to avoid any over-use costs etc.



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