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How do I Secure Folders within my Website?

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Created: 9/28/2007
Modified: 10/30/2007
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How do I Secure Folders within my Website?

From your Helm Control Panel, choose My Domain > Domain_Name > Secure Folders

You will need to have pre-created the folder(s) you wish to secure in advance of this point via FTP or File Manger

Click the "Users" icon and "Add" your user name and password (s). If you have many users you can create "Groups" and add the Users to Groups.

Click "Add" to add a protected folder

From the "Folder to Protect" dialogue you can select the folder with the icon to the right hand site, or type the name directly in the box.

Typically your path would be \wwwroot\folder_name

You can edit the text prompt your end users see in the "Realm Text" box below.

Then from the Folder and Group Assignments boxes below, add the users or groups to the folder you wish to protect.

Now go to your secured folder in a browser and ensure you are prompted to login and that your user accounts work.



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