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I'm getting too many SPAM emails, what can I do?

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Author: System Administrator
Created: 9/27/2007
Modified: 10/30/2007
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I'm getting too many SPAM emails, what can I do?

If your hosting package supports webmail, login to your webmail and choose Settings > My Spam Filtering and from the options you can change the default filtering.

Some of the options are to tag the emails (prepend the subject field) with SPAM-LOW:/MED/HIGH. Alternatively you can Delete the message (typically appropriate for SPAM HIGH) and move to folder for SPAM LOW and MED for later review.

If you find none spam emails are being added to the Junk folder, or being tagged with SPAM, then when in the folder (in the webmail interface) select the email with the tick box and choose Actions > Unmark as Spam. This will train the spam filter for your choice of emails and in future, emails from this sender will not be "Spammed"



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